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Didn't get an invitation, so I wrote my own.

About 3 years ago, I told my MLA that I hadn't been to the Leg since my requisite tour in grade 6. I was told it could be arranged. Well, I never got that invitation, so I decided to write my own!

I honestly had no aspirations to provincial politics until I got a phone call late last year encouraging me to challenge the incumbent for the UCP nomination. Full disclosure; I thought about it. I'm an optimist (and vocal) and I thought, maybe I could be a moderate voice in the din. That didn't last long.

Looking myself in the eye at the end of every day has long been the benchmark by which I measure my conduct. I discovered I was looking away and shaking my head, so I called my friend and said, "This square peg won't fit in the hole you're trying to plug."

Knowing my political stripe is very centrist, I reached out to my friend and the Leader of the Alberta Party, Barry Morishita. My inquiry was about getting involved with the constituency association in Lac Ste. Anne-Parkland. Next thing you know, I'm the candidate!

And, away we go....

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