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The siren song of the Alberta Party

Updated: May 14, 2023

I voted Progressive Conservative for many years. I voted that way because of the incumbent MLA. I voted for the candidate, not the party.

I’m a centrist. Simple. Or it used to be.

There are parts of the “conservative” platform I can support and there are parts of the other platform that speak to my social sensibilities. It shouldn't be all or nothing! What’s best for Albertans is not the exclusive purview of one party or platform.

That moderate bent has been lost in both the “major” parties. Doing what’s best for all Albertans has been replaced by “right fighting”. A bill introduced by government is opposed by every member of the opposition, regardless of its merits, and vice versa. To be right, you must be all in one way or the other. Votes are whipped and opposing viewpoints are quashed. “Fight for Your Right (to Party)” seems to be the theme song for the last four years.

The Alberta Party espouses co-operation and collaboration. We willingly and enthusiastically promote sound policies from all parties. Voters should expect their elected representatives to set aside partisan politics in the constant pursuit of the greater good for all Albertans, not just those who wear your party's colors.

That’s principled leadership. That’s what drew me to the Alberta Party. In party leader, Barry Morishita, we have someone who guides us from a place of integrity and selflessness. He’s assembled a team of community builders whose “why” is simply to do good. They make me a better person and I’m humbled to be among them. It's a great place to be.

“Shambala”? Maybe….

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